Uprising: Graphical gimmicks always work

There is a phrase in the video game industry: never want to play a game on its release date. 
MMORPGs have a second one. This one is to never play on a patch day.

Both are things I take to heart. But why do I even get in over this.
Patchday usually means problems logging in, updating, the game itself.

Even if you test without end there are still cases where there is a gap.
I speak professionally from personal experience. 

I was quite happy that I was working that day and in the evening I had a dinner date with a friend.
Thus, I came relatively late to take a look at EvE and could only follow the various servers on Discord.

And what can I say, at least the patch itself seems to have gone through very well. Finally, CCP has now for some time no longer published a major addon but always delivered quarterly patches.
According to Twitter, this was apparently also somewhat celebrated and it is begrudged.

The patch supplied four large novelties from my view.

1) The faction warfare has been rebuilt.
2.) There are new Navy ships.
3.) Upwell hangars were introduced.
4.) Introduction of NPC Corp Paragon and emblems on own ships.

The first two points I would like to take up separately in the course of time. But one thing is for sure, especially visually we really like the new Navy Dreadnought.
I would like to try out the faction warfare with another character and then write a conclusion.

So that leaves the visual gimmicks at this point. The new hangar and the emblem system.
Both things that are visually appealing to me. I can already see my fleet in the hangar in front of me, imagine how I’m standing in front of it and how I’m brought to the ship I’ve just selected by a platform….. Moment Walking in station does not exist anymore.
So I imagine my fleet lying at the various docks waiting to be flown again…. no also wrong… now I have it…. how it is cleaned to be admired by me.
So let’s go into the game….

Wait a minute… This looks somehow completely different from what CCP promised…. This looks normal like before…

Um where is the beautiful hangar gone…. Hello CCP!!! Hangar is missing!!! Do something!!! Or am I again not quite straight in the head?
So read again Patchnotes and what does it say? Upwell Hangar… Wait a minute an NPC station is not from Upwell but only the player stations, citadels and Klompexe… So nothing with NPC station.
So the error sits once again in front of the screen. Nevertheless, I would wish that CCP also provides the NPC stations with some love.

So undocked and looked for the next Upwell station and lo and behold it looks much better.

With a shuttle it looks a bit boring, so I flew a few ships to the structure and took a closer look at the hangar.
You can already see several ships, but it seems to be basically somewhat limited by the space available, so we want to make the whole thing a little more interesting.

To make this a bit more interesting I logged on to the test server and did some wild shopping. So I wanted to see what is really possible and what is not.

Here are a few impressions of a somewhat filled hangar.

Basically, it seems that Capital ships are separated from Subcapitals and thus do not appear in the same hangar. At least I always get a crossfade when I’m switching between them. 
I would have expected them to at least be somewhere in the background. I also find the distribution of hangar spaces a bit strange. What I’ve seen now is that some ship classes share the same slots and as soon as there are too many they are swapped out when activated.
The other ships seem to be mostly just a background effect that can be switched to. To see all ships the hangar is a bit too complex and I only see a part of my ships.
Nevertheless it makes a good impression and if this comes also in such a way for the normal stations, naturally in appropriate optics I do not say no. 
I would be interested to see how many ships can really be displayed.

The second point that is especially visually noticeable are the new emblems. These can be bought via the LP store of a new faction or a new NPC corporation called Paragon.
At the same time, a new currency was introduced, the so-called EvEMarks (EM). 

These enable the purchase of the emblems for various ships. Means, for the individual ship the emblem must be unlocked individually at the moment.
Both players and corps are able to collect them. The former actively and the latter passively through the activities of the former.
Means when a player gets EvEMarks the Corporation automatically gets some as well. 

Currently, however, only players can buy them for 100, so not all, ships. Once the emblems of the own Corp or that of the alliance.
Collecting them is relatively easy at the moment. Every day you get a small mission that must be fulfilled and you get something.

As it is my current impression, this new corp is trying to build a massive armada. Not for nothing ships have to be delivered to get the new currency.
At the first attempt it was about 2500 EM for a Thrasher. Today the Corp wanted to give me only 4500 EM for a Retriever, which feels out of proportion. The Retriever has about 40-50 times the value of the Thrasher but offers less EM.

So I refused and started the next attempt. This time it was just under 2400 for a Venture. An acceptable offer and so I bagged some EM again.
I would like to test if the other characters on my account can also do this mission or not. I wouldn’t care for the currency on the character. This cannot be transferred or otherwise made available to other players.
Purchased emblems only apply to that character but at corporation level it makes a different impression. Let’s take a look and I don’t want it to degenerate into work.

Let’s collect for now and see what possibilities there are later. I bet secretly Paragon will try to take over this power. This is where you heard it first.

So far, the expansion makes a very good impression.

2 Rückmeldungen “Uprising: Graphical gimmicks always work

  1. Hallo Sendriss,

    ich finde es auch schade, dass nur die Upwell-Strukturen den neuen Hangar haben aber nach der Einführung von sofortigen Jumpclone-Wechsel ohne zusätzliche Wartezeit auf den NPC-Stations (sofern der jumpclone auch auf dieser Station ist) brauchten die Upwell noch etwas zum Ausgleich denke ich.

    Für die schicken Corp-logos auf der Hülle bin ich ebenfalls schon am sammeln und hoffe, dass demnächst noch weitere Schiffe folgen. Ich hätte zugern auf meiner Hurricane Fleet Issue oder meiner Vargur das Logo ebenfalls.

    Was Paragon mit den Schiffen will…schwierig…also eine Armada aufbauen klingt seltsam…wer sich so viele Stationen im Highsec mal eben hinzimmert hat bestimmt auch genug ISKies für so paar Schiffe. Mal sehen ob sich der Markt anpasst auf die leicht erhöhte Nachfrage nach Schiffen. Von mir wollten sie am zweiten Tag ne Procurer…habe ich auch abgelehnt und der Folgeauftrag war ne simple Punisher. Ich denke da sind die Evermarks noch nicht gut genug gebalanced hinsichtlich dem Aufwand für ein bestimmtes Schiff.

    Hinsichtlich des FW werde ich mir wohl erstmal nen Alpha-Alt zulegen um in das neue mal reinzuschnuppern 😀

    Fly Clever
    Zarah Arkaral

    1. Hallo Zarah,
      ein klarer Fall von irgendwas ist immer, aber ich glaube die müssen es über kurz lang dürften auch die hässlichen NPC-Hangare ausgetauscht werden.
      Zumindest scheint das Paragon System schon einen gewissen Einschlag auf den Markt zu haben.


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