PvA: the perfect f(r)ight?

This is about the most basic battle in EvE….
The enemies are relentless and keep coming back….
Again and again these opponents try to win the universe for themselves and to settle…
But the bravest of the bravest throw themselves against them again and again to fight against these claims to power…
No costs and no efforts are spared, no fear is shown and death is permanently looked into the eye…

I must admit that the whole thing is formulated somewhat theatrically.
Basically, we are grateful that these invaders exist, because without them we would have no raw materials in New Eden.

I am talking about the fight against asteroids. I’ve been talking about my mining activities more often lately, even though it doesn’t have the excitement level of PVP roaming, I feel this is an important part of my life in EvE.

In highsec, the composition of my fleet was relatively clear. An Orca that supports my two skiffs and thus serves as a mobile base and collection point. The only reason for a tank on the ships are possible, and so far never seen, gankers. You don’t need a tank for the rats. Life in highsec can be that simple.

Besides ice, veldspar is the life here, because especially the latter doesn’t occur in nullspace in its naturally more aggressive and all overgrowing form. Actually a pity, because these asteroids always made the belts look huge. It truly looks like an invasion.

By moving towards nullspace, an important change takes place. The rats have allied with the asteroids and are now pulling together in the belts and are now hurting. Not that it really bothers me, but it’s a bit annoying since the drone and deployment range of my skiffs is pretty limited in that sense.

Means for me also first the skills on my other two pilots at the drones something increase to thus a better range or at all first drones to enable.

The much more important question for me is, is there an alternative to the current constellation.
Also the answer is relatively clear here since I do not own an Orca in the Nullsec and the whole thing is a bit too slow and not very defensible for me.

Therefore I am accordingly with my three Skiffs on the way and hope thus by the third Skiff the loss of my bonuses and my Haulern to be able to compensate. In the area of moon mining it is not tragic, because a chunk usually fills my three skiffs before it successfully dissolves into nothing.

So the question for me is whether the Porpoise is enough to serve as a substitute, making the use of the third skiff obsolete. For that to happen, however, the Boost has to be better. The cargo space is also significantly smaller than that of an Orca.

Or is it better to procure and deploy an Orca. Of course, the return is offset by the risk that the Orca is not fast enough in safety. The advantage at this point is that I can fly the Orca to a safe spot and park it there in camouflage. Due to the command module, I am not allowed to dock or enjoy the protection of the structures for a certain time and thus I can do this time in peace.

The same behavior applies to the Porpoise, of course, with the difference that there are significantly fewer ISK at stake here.

The next biggest and ultimate alternative is a Rorqual. Not only that the Rorqual gives a good bonus on mining. The ship is also able to actively fight the aggressors and to process a lot of asteroids to dust with the help of mining drones and can thus increase the income significantly. The Rorqual is and remains a long-term goal, of course. It still lacks some basic abilities like corresponding large shields. In addition, one should always see oneself as targets in the Rorqual as soon as once its special function is activated, the ship is stuck in place for 5 minutes.

Therefore, one should stagger accordingly. Not only a Purpoise I would like to have in the hangar but also an Orca and a Rorqual I must still be able to call my own in nullsec, if it is to use well a nice bonus.

The choice of exhumer should also be chosen wisely, whether skiff, mackinaw or hulk. Each of these ships has its justification. While the Machinaw knows how to convince itself with a huge cargo hold, this ship is for me in the category of paper airplanes. The Skiff has the same amount of space as the Mackinaw and has a much stronger tank that doesn’t need to fear any rats in nullsec, except for a few exceptions. Last but not least is the Hulk, which is the most powerful, but has a small cargo space and a weak tank.

Depending on what you want, it usually has as a consequence with rats that you briefly take the legs in the hand and may run. Exception is here the Skiff therefore which is also preferred by me.

A last point that is still important, especially in the area of mining are the strip miners.

Here you also have the agony of choice between the T1 Strip Miner, T2 Modulated Stripe Miner (either with T1 or T2 crystals). Again, the question is what is preferred. T1 Strips do not require large crystals and work and can mine all asteroids (except ice and mercoxite) directly. For the T2 variant I need already again more skills. This includes the skills for the module, but also the skills for the crystals where each asteroid type may be learned individually.

The T1 or T2 crystals increase the mining rate and are of course only in combination with good bonuses very good, but also cost, because these are also consumed and worn out accordingly. Depending on the type of asteroid, they can be cheaper or more expensive. The question is, does the increased mining rate recoup the purchase price. As a rule, I would answer the question with yes.
Also, this allows me to fill my skiff faster and thus usually get to a full skiff one cycle faster than with the T1 strip miners. Which of course saves time here and again allows for more asteroids. I am of the opinion here that the full potential can always be exploited with a good bonus.

The topic Mercoxit and ice I leave out at this point once. Here it really makes sense to use purely the T2 variant, with Mercoxite also with T2 crystals. This increases the mining speed enormously, of course.

In summary, I can say that for me the best option at the moment is to stay on my three skiffs and then get an Orca. Until then, nothing will change and I will continue to fly around. Of course, as far as the skill allows it, they are equipped with T2 Modulated Strip Miner and the respective T2 crystals. I really only use T1 Miner when I lack the skills for a char. Mixing them would ensure that I would have different warp times on a full cargo. Mackinaw and Hulk are paper planes for me and currently only useful in larger groups.
For me, I would just like to get the Porpoise in the belt more often. Together with the Rorqual I would then, depending on the situation that currently prevails any number of options to bring in the mining and the fight against the invaders.

We will see how I can improve my mining in Nullsec.

What I wish from CCP, would be again larger asteroid fields. Since the Veldspar is no longer present in Nullsec, the individual Belts look small. Before you really had the feeling that there is a lot to get here. Now they are just small chunks that you can hardly see. Therefore, please, make the Belts more imposing again. Then the fight also seems nicer.

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