It’s summer and the next big tournament is coming up

The next alliance tournament is just around the corner and due to the temperature I currently have little desire to log into EvE Online.I have unfortunately in the attic no real cooling. Of course I unpack the Chromebook to at least get the daily login bonus. Or as in this case to write a pointless blog entry, pointless I can namely particularly well or projects that do not finish anyway. I think my project for the datacores has been running for about ten years, but currently the other two accounts are in alpha status and thus not usable at the same time. And after all, anyone can do it individually.

Currently, I’m still flying level 3 missions for the Caldari Navy with my Tengu, and I’m at about 4.53 or so. The question for me is how far I’m going to keep doing this and how far I need to take it to make it worthwhile. Theoretically, I also need to collect Faction Standing, but that’s really only possible via the SoE Epic Arc.

Since my Tengu looks a bit boring in the standard I bought three skins packages from the store the other day. Once the two Jungle skins and a package specifically for T3 cruisers and the Valkyrie package for a few battleships. It cost me about 800 plexes, but I think it was worth it. 

While we’re on the subject of Valkyrie, I unfortunately missed out on enjoying the full quality on my quest before the servers shut down. I must honestly admit that unfortunately motion sickness has limited me very much in the game. But it is or was simply bombastic to enjoy this game in VR. Especially the short single player missions were fun and gave a great feeling. Unfortunately, this was no more than a small tutorial and I wish CCP had invested more resources here. Unfortunately, even with the shutdown of the servers, these missions no longer work. The game is completely dead. A decent single-player campaign would have been simply ingenious and would certainly have been a huge hit outside the EvE bubble. Too bad actually, but what can you do. So CCP delivers at least a patch that makes it possible to enjoy against bots and the single player missions. 


Otherwise, I’m continuing to build my Excel spreadsheet. So enough gibberish at this point.

Currently, the new alliance tournament is coming soon and CCP has already started here div. announcements. This time sponsored by the Minmatar Republic. I see especially because of the entry fee for CCP a good opportunity to bring Plexe or ISK from the game or even earn hard currency.

So let’s take a rough look at the rules. Basically, a team can consist of up to ten ships and a total of 100 points. Each ship in EvE has been given a point value by CCP. Some ships are not allowed, but generally you can draw well from the full. A maximum of four ships of the same class are allowed, this applies to both T1 and T2 variants. As an example, three Nagas and one Ferox are allowed, but three Nagas and two Ferox are not. So you have to pay some attention. Additionally, unlimited logistics are also not possible, here one logistics cruiser or two logistics frigates are possible. 

Modules and drones are also subject to restrictions. If you want to read the rules in more detail, you can read them at CCP or click directly on this link. The above are the most important ones for us, as they form the basis for the next section. 

And why this article now?
While reading these rules I had the idea to interpret the rules a little bit, in this case less sensible.
So I’m trying to build up a set of rules that we won’t find at the tournament but will still be coherent on the way. Whether it makes sense or not I can’t judge. My first thought was a simple combination with little synergy. But that is a bit too simple. So some know-how has to go in and at least make sense in the approach. I personally find Amarr very appealing and therefore this faction is also in the focus of my small fleet. Basically, I will also first no final fitting but only the composition of ships together.

In this case, we choose a Paladin as the flagship, which as a Marauder can inflict a lot of damage.
So logistics serve two frigates of the Deacon class. Thus, our background has already spent 34 points for three ships.

So we still have to spend 66 points. Another 14 points I invest in a Curse to annoy the enemy logistics a bit.
So now I have 52 points left for 6 ships and so far I have deployed two frigates, a cruiser and a battleship. For a good damage add two more battlecruisers, in this case Oracle with ten points each. For a good bonus you can add a Damnation with 19 points. The advantage of a Damnation is to exploit holes in the resistances of the opponents and to endure something. If I haven’t miscalculated now, we have 13 points left and three ships still available. To annoy the enemy we fill up the frigates and deploy two Retribution. That’s another eight points and we have five points left for the last ship. Here I choose a tactical destroyer of the Confessor class.

This leaves me with exactly one point left and exactly ten ships in action.

The tactics are relatively simple at this point and the fleet is basically focused on close combat. The lasers on all ships are the T2 pulse variant. Good damage and good range and still very flexible due to the lenses. We exploit the well-known problem of low resistances of shields, while at the same time we bring a high energy consumption to the field. Once the enemy tries to move to a distance, the Paladin together with the two Oracles can continue to cover well, while the fast and small ships have the goal to target the ships and thus also prevent the Energy Neutralizer from escaping. Also, the logistics of the opponents can be effectively disrupted. The Oracle can be well covered by our own ships, as they can dish out well, but take badly. However, the Pulse allows to keep the distance well and if the opponent gets too close it hurts very much. 

But let’s be surprised what we will see. Probably I will look in once in a while but usually the weekend belongs to my family. 
But why do I assume that I will not see such a composition, because we can deal out good damage but have a big disadvantage because of the needed energy. in doubt we can equip each ship with an energy transfer and thus use the most important ships and supply them with energy. We can also use the Retribution specifically as energy charging stations for the large energy consuming battleships, sort of like a flying battery. Damage is also very one-sided with EM and Thermal. I don’t think we’ll really see pure Amarr fleets.

What is your advice at this point? What do you expect to see or what kind of composition will you not see at all?

2 Rückmeldungen “It’s summer and the next big tournament is coming up

  1. Hallo Sendriss,
    dein Post ist zwar schon etwas her aber ich möchte trotzdem gern antworten.

    Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Tournament und finde auch die Rein-Amarr Combo richtig cool und würde sogar soweit gehen auch noch eine cruor oder ashimmu mit reinzuschummeln. Jedoch bin ich so gar nicht mit den möglich Fitting Optionen vertraut und beschränke mich gern auf die paar Schiffe die ich kenne bzw. fliegen will.
    Persönlich könnte ich mir auch gut für die anderen drei Empire so eine pure Aufstellung vorstellen. Hier jedoch zum Nachteil für Caldari da diese ja lieber aus der Entfernung angreifen und die Arena doch Recht begrenzt ist .

    Fly Clever
    Zarah Arkaral

    1. Heyho, dass ist nicht schlimm. Ich freue mich persönlich über jede Rückmeldung. Das kleine Danke Schön sollte ingame im Laufe der Woche für die Kommentare kommen.
      Zumindest mit einem halben Auge versuche ich das ganze zu verfolgen und sicherlich wird wieder eine Kombination gewinnen mit der wir nicht rechnen. Wenn ich mich nicht täusche kann man Schiffe aus dem Match bannen, so dass keine Seite diese fliegen darf. Ich glaube, dass wird nochmal der spannendste Faktor.


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