A new home and new adventures of the spaceship keepthestar

Hello everyone, there was once again a change.
I needed once urgently a change of scenery with a goal what is flexible and also for me is new.
Therefore it has pulled me clearly once again in the Nullspace.
There was currently a high monotony in my EvE life. My main source of income was the mining and here there were two variants, either I am in an ice belt or I take the static asteroid belts and mine Veldspar. In both cases I am on the way with two tanked skiffs and a Boostorca with tank. You never know if someone might come to visit.

Due to the relatively small cargo space for ores, the use of the skiffs means that I regularly have to reload into the Orca. So far, that’s not a problem.

The ice belts are dynamic because they only appear as an anomaly over two systems in the region. That an ice belt is present at the moment, is first of all generally coincidence and how many there are in the final effect likewise. As a rule it is usually only one. So I was always forced to switch between the two systems. If there is enough ice, everything is no problem, until the competition appears. That is, the competition that directly sweeps the Belt empty with 15 skiffs. And that brings me to the main problem. In the end, I just didn’t feel like standing in the ice belt when it was empty within an hour. Without this group, everyone in the belt had more than enough. It was just frustrating for me to not even get an Orca full in that time. When enough ice belts were available in the two systems everything worked out and everyone had enough.

The second thing I mined otherwise was Veldspar and this quite after the motto that Tritanium must flow. To my luck one of the systems was also with a very large number of static asteroid belts. Thus I could change the mining sites well with my fleet. Basically I always mined only Veldspar and ignored all other asteroids.
First of all a good source of income, but the price for Tritanium fluctuates between 4 and 6 ISK. This leads primarily to the fact that a full Veldspar Orca carries not even half of ISK in the belly like a comparably full Orca with ice.
The second point is, the Belts are very quickly empty. On average, one belt corresponds to an orca load of about 230k m³, sometimes more and sometimes less. In addition, I need much more time for a full orca than in an ice belt.
Thus the ISK per hour suffers here very strongly.
On the third point, I have to keep a good eye on my stripminers. The single asteroids last, depending on how big they are, between 3-4 cycles. After that, the existence of these asteroids ends. Therefore I selected in principle the asteroid belt with the largest asteroids. Then one comes also times on 6-7 cycles. The Belts are also clearly faster empty. On average I calculate that I can fill an Orca with about 230k m³ per asteroid belt.

In sum, it’s worth it, but humans are greedy and naturally want more. There are of course other points. I like to play EvE again and also more active. So far I was in my own corp and then connected to other people via communites. This I wanted to change once again and come more under people in EvE. So another point why I would like to have a change. Somehow I miss something when playing EvE more seriously. If I’m alone on the road and just play it is certainly so comfortable but you also want some variety.

Also I got the taste to experience something unknown or to experience it again. In the search for partner skins, there is the possibility to visit certain wormholes via Anoik and then get the skin. With the help of EvE Scout I tried to find a corresponding entrance. So I went with my Buzzard and tried to find the entrance. And after five jumps into a wormhole I was very relaxed but also unsuccessful, so I wanted to start another attempt before flying back. And exactly at this attempt I landed in Thera and was already expected. But to my luck the small group was sleeping and I could jump back without any damage. But that’s when the little flame flared up looking for adventure again. At least first smaller adventures, we want to remain modest.

So then began the search for an appropriate corporation and a corresponding alliance. The only requirement for me was that I am not forced to PVP. I like to spend the day in the game, even if it is mostly ignored. And the time I have belongs to my family, with very few firm exceptions. And the time I want to spend in EvE should be based on my needs. So already once a heavy criterion, because in the zero there is usually PVP duty. The region in which I would like to be on the road first of all did not matter to me and was not important. The corp on the other hand should at least be German speaking, with the alliance it was also primarily indifferent to me.
I don’t want to take much luggage with me and leave my property in the Highsec. The plan was to buy the most necessary things in Jita after joining and have them flown to the target area.

So in the end there were three candidates between which I had to decide. The criteria were so far clear and also with these evaluated and thus my gut feeling had to decide which corporation it should become.
And actually I found something.

And so the corp change for my three most important characters was initiated. Of course, I still keep my two corps with the other characters.

Stealth Research Service has become KillTronic.

I liked the corp the best from your rules and the people I had to do with so far. I am definitely looking forward to getting to know the individual people better. This corporation meets my requirements and is provided with a small special status within the alliance and stands more freely in contrast to the Chinese members.
KillTronic has pitched their tents in Esoteria and is a member of the mainly Chinese alliance “Alliance of Mango Army”. I can already hear the voices again how I could make this choice. With some candidates I have sorted according to such criteria. But if it goes after it one should join no zero alliance.

Basically a completely new situation since long time in an unknown area for me. I have a penchant for such constructs. In my time in Star Wars Galaxies I was in a pure Hungarian guild with two ingame acquaintances. It was very interesting and I don’t think I will have much contact with the Chinese part of the Alliance. Still, it will certainly be interesting to see how different it is from other nullsec alliances.

I’m definitely looking forward to working with them and I’ll try to get involved accordingly to help the corporation move forward. So there is a new home and here’s to a successful future together.

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